QA: what do you do with the money you earn from tarot-readings?

So I’ve got a couple of e-mails from people asking me what I’m doing with the money I earn from readings. I’ve never really thought that people would care, but, its good to ask questions, so here :

I’m trying to save up as much money I possible can for June 2014. That is the month and year I’m going abroad, to America, to study for at least a year( If I’m lucky, maybe two years).I have a part time job where I work at an cafe , thanks to this job, I’ve saved up a lot of money, so I am able to pay the tuition fee. 

I’ve been doing readings since I’ve been a kid. My friends, family , and friends from the family have always been asking me to do readings for them. I usually do free readings for my loved ones. But almost everyone forces me to take some money from them( I usually get irritated and upset, and sometimes even walk away after the reading. My mum have always been given the money so she can give them to me…) I’ve never used any of the money I’ve been given. I have them tucked away in my room.

I now do readings online, these are long,and detailed. . All the money that I earn is put away. I will use what I earn from readings on food and rent. I don’t use drugs, and I don’t drink alcohol. 100% of the money goes straight to my saving-jar. 

I hope some of you now feel more comfortable , and don’t worry about me getting high or whatever with what I earn. Thank you, and hey, it was not a stupid question:)

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  • Posted: 1 year ago on Tuesday 28 May 13
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