I now do tarot readings through email! :)

Hi, my name is Kristin, I am a medium and I am also very intuitive. I work with my guides everyday, I do Traditional tarot readings, but I also use Angels card and Gaia oracle cards. I’ve been doing this for around 6years now. I love to help people and hope that my readings will help people to take important decisions and also heal from the past.

What you need to do:

Send me a message here on Tumblr. The message has to include:

Your questions/ or the specific reading you want( just write the number ( for example :Nr2)),

Your Birth date,month and year, and also your zodiac sign. And, what deck of cards you wish me to use. If you can’t decide I will pick out the one that feels right to use on you. I will respond with the reading within 4 days.

Send me also your Email-address you wish to receive the message to. I need your Email-address to be able to send you the PayPal-link which you pay me through  and also the very reading. I will NOT give away your Email-address,I will only use it Strictly to answer your reading.

What readings I do:

   1. I do past-present-future readings: I look into your past,the presents represents           how you are feeling now and what is going on in your life, and also the future. I give    you advice what to do to receive what you wish for in the future.  $17

2 .I do one specific question readings: It can be questions you have about your love-life, choices you have to take but don’t know what to do, it can be questions you have about your career, what will happen if you go on vacation( what people you will meet and so on). There is no such thing as a stupid question! $10

3. I also do Past-life reading ,I get tons of requests on these readings, because people find it exciting to see where they once lived, and also how similar the past life is to this life. In this reading I use my traditional tarot cards, I read the energies and also get a lot of information from my spirit-guide that always is present whenever I do readings. I see with my own eyes how your life was, how you looked like, how your loved ones looked like, and how your home looked like. I feel emotions from the past and also in the end I get a lot of information on how you passed away. These readings are popular because I also see aspects from your present life. I see what is similar from the past, who you loved ones from the past are in this life, and also get information from your past energies that can mean a lot to you now. That can be things that you have to do, or remember in this life to move on from the past and continue to grow and learn as a spiritual being.    $35

4. I also use my spirit-guide and pendulum to answer Yes/No questions. You just write me around 20 question that you wish to have a concrete and simple answer to , like: Will I become pregnant this year? Or Will 24th May be a good day for me?  $10

5. I also translate dreams. You write me a dream you can’t understand, but remember, I need every single detail! I use my guide and tarot card to translate what it means and what you should do.    $20

if you have any questions feel free to contact me here on tumblr!☮

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